Colored Bodies

Animation and media perfomance:
Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby

Henry Daniel and Courtney Bannon

Choreography Henry Daniel
Arne Eigenfeldt - Sound Design
Albert St Albert Smith – Percussion, David Brown - Bass
Courtney Bannon - Dance
Henry Daniel - Dance

presented at:

New Media Dance Performance event held at the SFU Theatre Main Stage, Burnaby, June 2004.

clored bodies preformance

Electronic visual media in this work are composed from live and recorded video feeds that are being animated and transformed in real-time with in-camera editing and processing, and synchronized with the performers on stage. The concurrent projection of moving images and animation provides an extension of the theatrical space into a virtual space. The extension of theatrical space with synthesized effects and images captured in the moment of performance contributes significantly to the overall audience experience. The video recording and editing/processing are done on different devices: the camera records the live performance while transmitting the video signal to a separate computer equipped with software that processes the video signal, alters the image, composites it with other visual materials and sets it in a virtual space that is projected on stage.