Waterways explores the nature of our relationship with water – from the impact of development and climate change on the environment to the importance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in ensuring all living things have clean water, now and in the future. In keeping with syilx environmental ethics, the Okanagan Waterways Project reminds us that we all have a responsibility to work towards building and upholding the sustainability of water for healthy ecosystems and for future generations.


The Social Life of Water is an exhibit and a series of public events on display taking place from October 6 2016 to May of 2017. The exhibition uses art, audio, visual media, and storytelling to explore the diverse meanings that water holds and has held for the many communities, cultures and interest groups in the valley over time.


The Music of Heavens incorporates ancient art forms with contemporary expression to create dynamic fusions, both musically and visually. Inspired by the ancient legends of the stars and an eternal balance of heaven and the earth, this project features original interdisciplinary compositions through animation, music and visual imagery.

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Right of Way: Wildlife Corridors and Ecological Connectivity in the Okanaganis an experiential learning tool developed to educate the public about the importance of an emerging environmental issue: ecological connectivity in the Okanagan.


Becoming Land Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby
Becoming World engages in reconciling the culture - nature divide through a composition process that merges the beauty of natural environments with the horror of overconsumption and environmental degradation.


Unfolding Materiality is generative robotic system that creates drawings with FS10E Kawasaki robotc arm using ink and brush on a paper.
Aleksandra Dulic andHomayoun Najjaran

  Future Delta 3D virtual game

Future Delta is a time-forward 3-D visualization and simulation tool that aims to motivate actions, behavioral change, and educate players about climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions and challenges. The game simulation is situated in a recognizable community locale: a flood-prone neighborhood of Delta, BC. The project was initiated by artist Dr. Aleksandra Dulic in collaboration with landscape planner Dr. Stephen Sheppard.

Generative Art

Becoming World Kenneth Newby and Aleksandra Dulic
Situated in a world obsessed with speed, driven by desire for instant gratification, Becoming World, takes a radical departure from the culture of montage and juxtaposition by generating an image of continuous transformation and interpenetration that occurs so slowly as to elude conscious perception of the underlying change as it occurs. 


Order, Passion, Becoming, exhibit bridges two key ideas: that of cultural mosaic and ecological health as both a images of diversity.
Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby, O3one Art Space, July 06 – July 19, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia


From Every Point Different Facet, explores the face as a point of entry to the representation of multiplicities that make up the Northwest cultural mosaic.
Kenneth Newby and Aleksandra Dulic,
The 10th Northwest Biennial, January 21–May 20, 2012, Tacoma Art Museum


in a thousand drops...refracted glances v2, 2012, Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby and Martin Gotfrit,
Multichannel audio-visual interactive installation, Mapping Festival, May 10 to 20, 2012, Geneva, Switzerland.


Order of Passion, Centre for Culture and Technology, UBCO, 2012,

Aleksandra Dulic, Homayoun Najjaran, Kenneth Newby, David Kadish, Alex Stahl, Patricia Clements,



Forgotten Traces
These images were taken in the small Romanian village of Kustilj in Serbia. The site is an abandoned house, in a midst of a lively village, that has sat unoccupied since the 1960. The family emigrated to Canada and seems to have left behind many artifacts of their intimate life.
Why did leave all these things behind? Did they intend to ever come back?


Gold Mountain Dream, Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby, Flicker Art Collaboratory, co-produced with Lan Tung and the Orchid Ensemble


Mountain High River Flow captures the ever-changing landscape atop the Yellow Mountain in China, features media artists Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby (interactive animated Chinese brush painting), Orchid Ensamble and composers Dorothy Chang, Ruis Shu Zhuo and Lan Tung; supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the BC Arts Council,and SOCAN Foundation.


Entanglement with Gradual Prelude, Kenneth Newby and Aleksandra Dulic
The visual component of the work is generated by a computational object in the form of a visualized generative grammar in the form of an L-System. This work is programmed in Processing by the authors. The aural aspect of the work is the result of a simple process of rewriting a prerecorded work of music for solo violin using a repetition process. This work was programmed in MaxMSP by the authors.


Transience, September 2010 to April 2011, Surrey Urban Screen, Surrey Art Gallery
Commuters and residents will see and hear animated images and sounds come and go, as the Sky Train passes by Surrey Urban Screen. This interactive public artwork created by Flicker Art Media (Aleksandra Dulic & Kenneth Newby) is activated by the passing trains, and the imagery references the diversity of those travelling by transit in the Lower Mainland.


Marathonologue, is an interdisciplinary production inspired by this ultra-marathon runner energized by killer hornet extract, combines highland bagpipe, Japanese taiko and Balinese gamelan music by composers Michael O'Neill, Boyd Seiichi Grealy and I Wayan Sudirana, in live synchronization with computer-animated projections by Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby. The production brings to life the interplay between the physical landscape and a runner's internal 'mindscape' as it develops and transforms in the experience of running a global marathon.


A cultural exploration of the Chinese Immigrant experience through music, dance, interactive animation and sound. Triaspora incorporates Asian traditions with contemporary expression through an exhilarating mix of style, animation and movement. The content of the work is organized through three themes – fire water and travel — incorporated together into the artistic whole. Media animation and performance: Aleksandra Dulic with Kenneth Newby, Orchid Ensemble and Moving Dragon;


Motion Painting

An exploration of form and color through ink and brush painting animation.


  ghost project

Ghost Project
Through music, media arts, dance & scenographic installations, the artists look into their own cultures, Canada, Taiwan, China, Eastern Europe and Indonesia, to explore the philosophy of yin and yang and search for a connection between humans & spirits. Ghost Project tells the story of a love crossing the boundary between life & death, depicts different shapes & forms of ghosts, and celebrates joy & sorrow in cycles of life. Media scenography: Aleksandra Dulic
and Kenneth Newby with Orchid Ensemble: Lan Tung, Bei Bei He, and Jonathan Bernard and guests Sutrisno Hartana, Kaori Otake, Madrigal Singers


in a thousand drops…refracted glances

This work is an interactive audiovisual installation in which participant's movement is tracked by a motion sensing system that maps their flows and locations onto a set of generative musical processes and video animations. The work creates a dynamic cinematic environment encompassing multiple screens and audio channels that work to present fragments of the bodies of humans in hybrid relations to themselves, thereby creating a sense of the fragility of experience. Concept, photography, installation space: Aleksandra Dulic; Concept, software, music: Kenneth Newby; Music: Martin Gotfrit;


Intersecting Lines

This project examines compositional processes and structured improvisational strategies for visual music. Contemporary computational media are realizing the aspirations expressed by painters almost a century ago. In digital media, music and visual art are truly united, not only in terms of their phenomenal experience but also in terms of their deep structure, being both formed of flows of electronic information and infinitely interchangeable code.


Linear Animal

Digital media meets the 19th century tradition of paper theatre in this interdisciplinary performance work that brings together cardboard cutouts, live narrated voice, live video, and an improvised score of recorded sounds. Through live narrated voice, live video, and an improvised score of recorded sounds, the story unfolds alongside a children’s train set that circles in front of the audience, carrying on it the cut-out characters of the story. Written by Andreas Kahre; Live animation perfomance by Aleksandra Dulic;


Semar’s Journey

Semar's Journey is the culminating event in Vancouver's year-long celebration of 20 years of gamelan in Vancouver. In our tale, Semar — god, clown and advisor to humanity, and the most entertaining and widely revered figure of the traditional Javanese shadow play — finds himself facing some of the greatest challenges as he encounters new global problematic and contemporary Vancouver. Media animation and performance: Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby with Gamelan Madu Sari;



Symmetry is an interactive animation composed of visual representations of individual sounds that reflect the structure of the music through shape, movement and colour. The unfoldings of animation and sound is provided by the same shared deep compositional structure. This structure is made manifest musically through a layered set of microtonal lines of melody at varying densities and tempi. Each tone has its own unique visual character that is comprised of a distinct shape, colour, movement and spatial arrangement. Animation: Aleksandra Dulic; Music: Kenneth Newby; punto y raya festival


Silk Road

The ancient Silk Road was not one, but a series of trade routes, whose nexus was the desert oasis of Kashgar, in Xin Jiang, northwest China. The Silk Road, as an ancient symbol of cultural exchange, has inspired Orchid Ensemble to explore the wealth of these traditional musics, and to create this collection of traditional works and new compositions expressing the rhythms, modes and character of these exotic lands. Interactive animation: Aleksandra Dulic with Kenneth Newby and Orchid Ensemble;


Pasiphae’s Desire

An expanded media performance of live animation and music. The performance is an imaginative exploration of the story of Pasiphae drawn from Greek mythology, in which the god Poseidon punishes Queen Pasiphae by making her erotically attracted to a bull. With the help of innovative technology developed by Daedalus, she mates with the bull and gives birth to the Minotaur. Live animation: Aleksandra Dulic; Music: Kenneth Newby; Music Martin Gorfrit;


Cinematic Maneuvers

The project is brings the creation of cinema out of the movie and recording studios and on to the stage. The artists use media instruments of their own design in the form of innovative software which allows the ensemble of artists to actually perform an animated movie with soundtrack, live on stage. Cinematic Maneuvers performance was a shared among filmmakers Pierre Hébert, Aleksandra Dulic and composer-performers Kenneth Newby and Martin Gotfrit. For this occasion Pierre and Aleksandra performed four hand live animations.


Under one roof

Is a multi channel video installation in which one body is created out of multiple dances. Each dance is choreographed unlikely for an individual dancer and for a different body part: face, hands, feet, belly, chest, back, and knees.  For example a belly dancer performs the choreography for the belly dance, a face dancer performs the choreography for the face. These condensed choreographies are combined together into a super human body represented within this multi-screen installation. Choreography: Jennifer Mascall; Installation design and music: Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby.


Scenes from Out of the Labyrinth

Scenes from Out of the Labyrinth is a re-telling of the Greek narrative of master engineer Daedalus and his ill-fated son Icarus. The narrative is retold in a form that speaks to the contemporary dilemma of a world dominated by a ubiquitous technological apparatus and overwhelmed with an engineered decay of social relations that disrupt time and space and the particulars of place, the local, and the communal. The narrative is rich in symbolism, not only related to our technologically intense present but also to notions of deviance in relation to the relations of the human to nature.


Orchid Ensemble in Concert

This project combines an interactive live animation and music performance produced as a collaboration between Orchid Ensemble, Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby.


Gradual Prelude

The visual component of Gradual Prelude is made up of live animation based on processing a video image of a violin. A variety of techniques is used such as frame capture, color processing, feedback, delay, image granulation, downsampling and image permutation. In contrast to the strictly deterministic, if emergent, form of the music, the animation is executed as a free improvisation in which the performer has complete freedom to evolve the visual flow in any direction desired. Animation: Aleksandra Dulic; Music: Kenneth Newby;


One River (running)

One River (running) is an interactive spatial audio-visual installation, presented as a part of Surrey Seen Exhibit that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Surrey Art Gallery. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Surrey Art Gallery has proposed a series of projects that invite artists to consider the City of Surrey as their theme. One River (running) is an image of community, both social and ecological, and is centered on a metaphor of river and flow. Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby and Martin Gotfrit with Dinka Pignon;


Colored Bodies

This project combines an interactive live animation, dance and music performance. Electronic visual media in this work are composed from live and recorded video feeds that are being animated and transformed in real-time. The integration of media perf om ace with dance an music enhances theatrical space with an augmented, hybrid scenography, bringing cinematic techniques to the theatrical context in performance. Live animation: Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby; Choreography: Henry Daniel;


Tales of the Universe: A spatial concert with 3D animation

is an audio-visual media performance. The display and navigation of animations and other visual objects come together within a virtual 3D stage. This project was presented in September 2004 at the Vancouver Planetarium. Live animation: Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby; Music: Ben Wilson;



Metro is performance based documentary shot in the Paris Metro. The materials include portraits of riders captured as reflections in the windows of the trains, riders waiting at the station platforms, and trains traveling. The open-ended nature of the metro footage made it possible to present this material in the performative context. The overall composition moves from highly abstracted imagery–treated metro documentation footage—to pure documentary material not treated in any way. Video, performance: Aleksandra Dulic; Music Kenneth Newby;



is the exhibit of several interactive new media installation work that explores themes of our relationship to nature, birth, death, renewal and cycles of life, presented at Interurban Art Gallery Feb. 2004. he RiverRun exhibit was initiated by River Home research project which is a collaboration between SFU’s Interactivity Lab researchers Aleksandra Dulic, Kenneth Newby, Christoph Runne from the school for the Contemporary Arts and First Nations artists Margo Kane and Russell Wallace.

City Mirror

In this project we experiment with the city reflections positioned in the public space. The image in the mirror is a painting in time with the modulated motion of the city day life. The marks accumulate in layers—tracing paths with the life of the street acting the role of brush and animator’s hand. At times the mirror reflects only stillness, refusing to reflect what moves, at other times it draws only the movement, while erasing the stillness. Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby.


Electronic Sphere

Electronic Sphere presents an articulation of three-dimensional form composed of independent voices constrained by the geometry of the sphere. The inner melody of the Electronic Sphere is the mathematics of the sphere, along which the diverse voices are singing the spatial melody. The modulated walk of each voice can traverse the sphere, as well as deviate from the surface by moving inwards and outwards of the geometry of the sphere. Electronic Sphere is articulated through time by multiple elementary fragments constituted by a points in space, which live traces of their walk along the invisible surface of the sphere. Concept, Animation: Aleksandra Dulic


Illumination Machine

The core idea for the design of the Illumination Machine is the use of Bezier's mathematical curve as a deep structure on which to articulate both aural and visual composition. We chose the mathematics of the Bezier curve out of the desire to generate composition using curved lines and surfaces, which are more complex than rectangular forms and curves derived from arcs and circles. Alekasandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby



is an interactive process where a window reveals a small portion of live-video input as it moves across the screen. This represents the present-time state of the image segment. Meanwhile the vestiges of past images are still visible in the rest of the screen. The window is drawing the history of the video image through the movement across the screen. The image rendered as a consequence of this process becomes a collage: a history of the present state with multiple perspectives of the past. Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby


Eclipse of Radio B 92

is the broadcast hour documentary The Eclipse of Radio B92 documents the hard won struggle of a grass roots radio station in Belgrade after the Milosovic crackdown on independent media and eventual take over of Radio B92. Armed with little more than their modems, their mini DV Cams and their music, the original employees fought back against the regime-and they won.
Aleksandra Dulic, Mark Ellam with journalist Ivana Lalic;


Meeting at a Distance

Meeting at the Distance work was developed as a part of my Masters of Fine Art thesis at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts. The core of this thesis deals with the technological aspects of contemporary communication systems through which our connection to physical space and interaction has changed radically. The viewer interacts with the piece in several different ways, the most fundamental of which is the interaction through the actual and the virtual spaces. Concept: Aleksandra Dulic with Liza Frobs and Mark Ellam;



Two mosaics installed permanently at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade. The inspiration for this work is drawn from an animated leader I created the year before. The ephemeral animation still is permanently captured and rendered in stone. Aleksandra Dulic;



People on the Square

Is a 48 hours time-lapse animation of 30 sculptures of life size human models of our friends positioned in the Republic Square, a site of the main student protests. The figurative group of shadows commemorated and questioned the impact of our involvement. The animation shows the compressed time depicting the passing quality of the life, while the static figures in the foreground symbolize the new collective revelation that we experienced as a group, the feeling of unity and collective empowerment to direct our own destiny. Concept, animation:Aleksandra Dulic; Music, camera: Vladimir Sojic; Organization: Nadja Bobic;


A Human Living Alone Must be a God or a Beast

Inspired by student demonstration that took place at the downtown Belgrade in winter 1996/97 for over three months, Jasna Blazencic, Gordana Zivkovic and myself constructed an installation consisting of 30 sculptures of life size human models made from tape moulds. We wanted to capture the immense energy of unity and shared purpose that we experienced day after day on the streets of Belgrade. Sculptures: Aleksandra Dulic, Gordana Zivkovic, Jasna Blazencic; Music: Aleksandra Djordjevic;


Eternal Female

is an exhibition of paintings that explore my experience of empowerment and vulnerability of maturing as a woman in Serbia at the time of war and great social turbulence. Aleksandra Dulic


The Kiss in 20 Seconds

The kiss in 20 seconds is a one-minute animation that reflects the suppressed feeling of divide and pain which surfaces when we kiss, when we love. Daily exposure to newscasts that depicted bloody scenes of children and people dying and suffering fashioned those feeling of divide and pain. These newscasts acted as an instrument for control led us collectively to even bigger abyss.
Animation: Aleksandra Dulic; Sound: Jaap Mostert;


Animated Leaders

These short animations were created as animated leaders for Bellissima Independent Television Station in Amsterdam. Animation: Aleksandra Dulic; Sound: Jaap Mostert;



Is an animated music video for the band Darkwood Dub. The video content explores Belgrade's urban reflection on the idea of fight, disagreement and misunderstanding set in the time of war. The main line in the lyrics is we are having a situation, a situation that seemed at the time to be imprisoning and unsolvable. Director, animation: Aleksandra Dulic; Animation: Nikola Majdak jr. Biljana Milenovic, Mihailo Rsumovic;


Painting and Drawing

I was trained as an academic painter and the painterly way of thinking is deeply engraved in all my interactive media work. I still paint, though very rarely. I see myself as amateur painter, in the real sense of this word. I do it as a way to evolve ideas and feelings, for my own spiritual well being. In recent years my painting moved towards figuration and realism more explicitly enabling the exploration of the vast painterly history, my tribe, tradition as well as a general appreciation of natural beauty.