Under One Roof

Choreography: Jennifer Mascall;
Installation, software and music: Aleksandra Dulic and Kenneth Newby
Camera: Val Nelson;
Dancers: McDonagh, K; Lotenberg, G; Gunnlaugson, A; Harvie, A; Harper, L; Walkley, H; Catskil, C; Friedenberg, T;
Presented at the Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver;

In this multi channel video installation one body is created out of multiple dances. Each dance is choreographed unlikely foran individual dancer and for a different body part: face, hands, feet, belly, chest, back, and knees.  For example a belly dancer performs the choreography for the bally dance, a face dancer performs the choreography for the face. These condensed choreographies are combined together into a super human body represented within this multi-screen installation.