Pasiphae's Desire

Is a collaboration between live animator Aleksandra Dulic and music composers Kenneth Newby and Martin Gotfrit.

Pasiphae's desire is an expanded media performance of live visuals and music featuring the Computational Poetics group and their digitally-enhanced instruments: Aleksandra Dulic (real-time animation and electronics), Kenneth Newby (5 string violin and electronics) and Martin Gotfrit (guitars and electronics) . The performance is an imaginative exploration of the story of Pasiphae drawn from Greek mythology, in which the god Poseidon punishes Queen Pasiphae by making her erotically attracted to a bull. With the help of
innovative technology developed by Daedalus, she mates with the bull and
gives birth to the Minotaur.

Computational Poetics group is developing a body of media techniques for the live performance of animation, music and sound design.

Falling for Icarus in Digital Media Art