Unfolding Materiality

Unfolding Materiality is generative robotic system that creates drawings with FS10E Kawasaki robotc arm using ink and brush on a paper. The project addresses both compositional and physical problems:

How can a computer system generate an original graphic composition?

And what gesture-based instructions are needed for a robot to produce a drawing or painting of that composition with brush strokes?

Image: Portrait drawn by robotic arm with brush and ink on paper

Funding: UBCO Work Study program

Over the summer 2015 we created a drawing software that unique generates portraits, and got robot arm to draw them with in and brush on the paper.

Status: Ongoing
People: Aleksandra Dulic and Homayoun Najjaran

Undergraduate Students
Kira Risler, VISA Undergraduate Student;
Jorge Garcia, Comp-Sci Undergraduate Student;
Anna Offenwnger, Comp-Sci Undergraduate Student, UBCO;