Right of Way: Wildlife Corridors and Ecological Connectivity in the Okanagan

The visualizations of wildlife corridors revel a detailed and intuitive exploration of the Okanagan landscape as a 3D environment with images of habitat corridors projected onto a Google Earth-like background, including access to pop-up information panels at critical points. The panels offer a range of information about the potential impacts that can be attributed to human development and activities, on the movement of featured wildlife species, and ecologically rich habitats.

The interactive environment will turn current regional scientific research into an accessible learning tool complete with interactive text and visuals that are specifically geared to impact young people. The creation of this interactive environment pioneers a knowledge-sharing enterprise to communicate the results of local, environmental research studies.

The project is a collaboration of UBC Okanagan’s Centre for Culture and Technology and the Complex Environmental Systems Lab, as well as the Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program, the Regional District of Central Okanagan, and environmental consultant Susan Latimer.

Funding: TELUS Community Grant and UBCO Work Study program