Future Delta 2.0

Future Delta 2.0 is an interactive educational video game that enables players to explore environments where they can build knowledge and capacities about local climate change in the Delta BC. One of our research goals is to create a 3D virtual game environment that may help people feel empowered to work as a community by simulating locally grounded possibilities, solutions and immediate actions in response to climate change. Our premise is that when individuals are empowered and feel that their behaviours can directly influence the wellbeing of the local place and community, they are more likely to actively care and be concerned about the impacts of their real world actions.

The 3D game developemnt was funded by SSHRC Image Text Sound and Technology Grantand 2009/20011 and Insight Grant 2012/2017 Collaborators: Dr. Aleksandra Dulic (Creative Studies, UBC Okanagan), Dr. Stephen Sheppard (Forestry, UBC Vancouver) and Dr Olaf Schroth.
Project Website http://futuredelta2.ca/.