order passion fro evry point mapping festival in a thousand drops…refracted glances transience under one roof
becoming order of passion one river
Marathonologue     	  Mountain High River Flow ...without end Ghost Project Semar’s Journey
Visual Music Project

Aleksandra Dulic and Collaborators

My research is centered on the creation of interactive systems and experiences that bring local, cultural and communal resources to the forefront. One thread of my research involves the development of learning context and experiences using game play as a device for sustainability awareness grounded in local ecology. Another thread is the research in interactive installation with multi-channel audio-visual displays that enable the creation of complex community images. The final thread is developing interactive systems and animated projection experiences that are staged and erformed live. These three threads of research intersect in the idea of interactive art as a place for community reflection.

I teach at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, where I also direct the Centre for Culture and Technology; an interdisciplinary arts-research center. I create media artifacts, experiences, and performances with a variety of collaborators. I also publish writings. Feel free to contact me.